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Asterix - 3rd Nov 2017

The Adventures of Asterix
by Goscinny and Uderzo

Many people love the adventures of Asterix and his companion Obelix and the humorously named characters that populate the books such as Dogmatix, Impedimenta, Gluteus Maximus, Dubbelosix, or Huevos and Bacon..

Warwick has just bought a large collection of these ever-popular cartoons so they are now out in the shop. These ones are all hardcover and in pretty good condition. With the dreaded as-yet-unmentionable present-giving occasion approaching, they would make great gifts for the children and adults in your life.

Some of the titles here are Asterix at the Olympic Games, Asterix in Belgium, Asterix and the Great Divide, Asterix and the Great Crossing, Asterix and Son, Asterix and the Banquet, and Asterix and the Secret Weapon.

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