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Architecture - 2nd Aug 2016

Whether you're a Frank Lloyd Wright or an Arnold Newman fan or you need a book on designing public toilets, whether you're planning an extension to your own home or thinking of renovating an old New Zealand villa, whether you're a student of architectural history or writing a paper on 19th Century European architecture, whether you're converting or building from scratch, you can be pretty sure you'll find something of interest in our stock.  

We have books covering just about every aspect of architecture you can think of: from carved stone cathedrals, horizon-dominating skyscrapers, airy glass & steel work spaces, Hindu temples in glorious colour, geodesic domes, fabulous sports arenas to Gothic palaces and functional seats of government.  

If you haven't yet become a fan of architecture and architects, maybe now is a good time to start. The choice is limitless.

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