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Architects - 27th Feb 2017

Architects This is a lovely two-volume boxed set which is packed with some really inspiring buildings from some of the world's best architects.

100 Contemporary Architects (Vol.1 A-I, Vol.2 J-Z)
with text in English, German and French
By Philip Jodidio

You cannot fail to be impressed by the selection of contemporary architecture in this set, whether you are an architect, a student or an enthusiast. The photography is great and perfectly complements each entry. 

You get a short biopic of the architect followed by a description of the building without an excess of jargon or technical terms, and a clear sketch of the design along with the photographs. 

If you haven't got a passionate interest in contemporary architecture now, you will have once you immerse yourself in these books. As an added bonus, you can practise or improve your English/French/German while you're at it.


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