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Allen Ginsberg - 22nd Feb 2017

The Book of Martyrdom & Artifice: First Journals and Poems 1937-1952
Allen Ginsberg / Juanita Lieberman Plimpton & Bill Morgan (Eds)

Allen Ginsberg kept a diary his entire life starting at the age of eleven. The most important and formative years of his life are covered in these early journals. Ginsberg insisted that they not be published during his lifetime because of their candour.

Some were written during the years he formed friendships with the likes of Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and William S Burroughs, widely known as the Beat Generation. They cover tragedies, murders, burglary, psychiatric hospital admission, broken hearts and his struggle to fit in a heterosexual world.

Get yourself a copy of these journals of Allen Ginsberg - you won't regret it. Also in the same volume are 50 previously unpublished poems and some rare photographs: 

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