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A real treat - 17th Nov 2016

Afternoon tea

One of our loyal regular customers came into the shop with a magnificent offering today.  She had popped into the Wolf at the Door cafe in Carroll Street (Dunedin) on the way here and had purchased the beautiful cinnamon scrolls you can see in the attached pictures. She generously donated them to the hardworking bookshop staff.

The staff discussed the merits of immediate consumption versus delayed gratification and, in the end, plumped for the latter. A great deal of willpower was required to hold off until 4pm for afternoon teatime but it was worth the wait!

We have now wolfed the lot so if you are on your way in to the bookshop to purchase some reading for the weekend, I'm afraid you have missed out on the cinnamon scrolls - but there are PLENTY of books to choose from.

A huge thank you for the lovely treat.


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