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A bit of light reading for the weekend - 12th May 2017

Why do women want to talk so much?
Why won't men stop and ask for directions?
Why do women love shopping?
Why do men continually offer solutions & advice instead of sympathising?
Why do women nag so much?
Why do men know so little about their friends' lives?

Why, why, why? If you answered all of the above questions with ease, then you may not need to read this book (but you might want to anyway). If you struggled to find an explanation, perhaps you should get yourself copy.

Why Men Lie and Women Cry
Allan & Barbara Pease

Even if you don't want to know the answers to these and the many other questions addressed in this book, you may well enjoy reading it. It is an interesting discussion on the differences between the sexes and sheds some light on why the opposite sex does what it does.

It's light and amusing but also well researched, informative and full of practical advice and solutions. Oh wait! doesn't that mean the book should only appeal to men? (See opening questions)


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