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A bit of a laugh? - 4th May 2017

A bit of a laugh? Self-Loathing for Beginners
by Lynn Phillips

What a great title for a book! You expect great humour from a book with a title like that. You tend to think that someone who can come up with such an excellent title must be able to write a matchingly witty book. Unfortunately, I don't think it lives up to its initial promise.

"The greatest misconception beginners have about self-loathing is that you have to be loathsome to excel at it. Not true."

That's the opening line of the book. You can move on from there to self-loathing re the body, fashion, sex, romance, family, work, social or spiritual life and more. 

I confess I haven't read it but thumbing through, I thought some of the quotes appeared interesting (Robert Burton 1621 " .. thou cannot think worse of me than I do of myself"). I also wondered if a closer reading would reveal the difference between self-loathing and self-abasement as many of the examples I caught sight of appeared (to me) to deal with the latter.

Why not get a copy of the book and set me straight?

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