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A Wild Moose Chase - 28th Sep 2016

A Wild Moose Chase by Ken Tustin with foreword by Philip Holden
Fiordland.  New Zealand.  Hunting.  Moose.  Modern-day odyssey.  These may not sound very likely bedfellows (or book-fellows) but they form the basis of this story which recounts the remarkable adventures of Ken Tustin in his search for the New Zealand moose.  They are all vital elements of the tale.

His quest took him many years and required a dedication and determination to find the elusive moose which had not been seen for decades and was considered by many to have died out.  In fact, given how unsuitable the remote Fiordland environment is for moose, it would be almost a miracle if a few had somehow survived.

For anyone who loves hunting, likes a mystery, enjoys an adventure or just has an interest in wildlife and nature, this book is a fascinating read.

It is not only a heartwarming story, it is glimpse into a very different lifestyle to the one most of us live.  Not only that, it will probably send you out to buy a pair of tramping boots and a map of Fiordland and to start planning your next holiday straight away.


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