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A Bookshop Conversation - 9th Jan 2018

Two short conversations in a bookshop and a coffee shop.
- Do you have a copy of Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes?
- Yes. There's a paperback here or a hardcover for $15.50.
- I'll take the paperback.
- Is that all? 
- Yes, thanks. 
- That will be $10.00 today.

- A flat white, please.
- Anything else? No? That'll be $4.50 just now.

Both times I stood silently bemused for a minute wondering how much it would have cost if I'd come in tomorrow or yesterday (instead of today) or whether the coffee would have been cheaper had I arrived a little earlier or later (than just now). Go around and listen. You may be surprised to hear how widespread this very odd use of 'today' is.

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