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A Book of Zombie Christmas Carols - 24th Dec 2016

Season's Greetings from all of us at Hard to Find Books.

Last minute purchase to round off your celebrations and fill someone's stocking:

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies: A Book of Zombie Christmas Carols
Christopher MOore, Michael P Spradlin, & Jeff Weigel (illus)

Please sing along to the tune of "We Three Kings"

We three spleens, you know where we are;
Two in the kitchen and one in the car.
We are still eating, people are fleeing.
Let's eat the one in the car.

O-ooh, spleens of wonder, they taste right.
We could eat spleens all day and night.
We're still eating, people screaming.
Let's eat until first light.

Season's Greetings


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