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20 BOOKS IN 2020 READING CHALLENGE! - 28th Dec 2019

20 BOOKS IN 2020 READING CHALLENGE! We want you to read 20 books with us in 2020!
All you need to do is read 20 books that correspond with each of the categories listed below and in the picture. Easy right?

We want you to read:

  1. A lesser known book by your favourite author
  2. A book being adapted for screen this year
  3. A book by an author from your home town
  4. A banned book
  5. A book over 500 pages
  6. A popular science book 
  7. A book set in a war (other than WWI or II)
  8. A book originally published in a foreign language
  9. A history book
  10. A graphic novel/comic
  11. A book written by a person of a different gender
  12. A classic
  13. A book you pick with your eyes closed
  14. A book published the year you were born
  15. A book of short stories
  16. A book of poetry
  17. A book recommended by your local bookshop
  18. That book on your shelf you have been meaning to read
  19. A biography/memoir
  20. A book that won an award
Reading challenges like this are a great way to expand your reading horizons and open your mind to books and genres that you may never have known you would enjoy.
The staff here at Hard to Find Books will be doing the challenge with you and posting our results as we go, as well as some bookspiration for each topic.

When you finish a book, don't forget to celebrate by posting it on social media with #20booksin2020 and let us celebrate with you!

If you're short on books or need inspiration, have a browse through our website.
We have over 140,000 books online and more added daily.
Let's get reading!

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